Our Story

T4 was borned in October, 2016.
It all started after our founders tried to do something different, alone. They were trying the same thing, but each one in their own way with one purpose: creating games. After many meetings talking about games in Brazil, our founders decided to join and from this T4 was borned - a full indie game dev startup.
We are big, but small. Big in what we want to do, small to make the creative directions in our way. And finally, passionate about one thing: creating games. If you like to know more about what they already did, check their Linkedin pages ;)

Our Quest

We like to create games. We play a lot of games. Digital games, board games... any kind. You name it. Old and new games, consoles, everything... yeah, we played a lot in the past. We are not old, nor too young. We created games before, without T4. Now, with this new company, we want to go ahead, deeper and stronger. Our new games will speak for ourselves. And that's our quest: to create amazing games and make everyone know about it.

The Team

We are a small creative team, ninjas at developing games. Our Founders are also developers, not just managers and they already developed and launched many games on Steam, Consoles and Mobile in the past.
We have everything for a game: programmers, artists, musicians, producers, managers, coffee makers, knights, even zombies (do not let programmers see this).

Key members

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Alexandre Kikuchi


He likes to use fire spells, together with a good magic cloak to avoid been detected while playing games. During his free time, he likes to create new IPs, design new games and prototype these ideas. He is now Partner of T4 (was the Creative Director) since he joined Unity Technologies as Tech Evangelist Latam. Prototyping robot.

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Reinaldo Ramos

Technology Director

He is that mad warrior when inside a group of heroes. Actually, he is usually the villain, not the hero. In his free time, he plays his favorite games and help T4 to decide the team and what are the best ways of creating something. Fast game designer and decisions maker.

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"Locked" Hero


He is not a "talking-too-much" guy (he just told me he does talk too much). Also, he likes to play one of his 354234 board games and test different PC/console games. He is everywhere (travelling all the time). Strategic player.